Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Turbo Sculpt

Yesterday, I was feeling the need to do some weightlifting, so I did my Turbo Sculpt DVD.  When I first heard about Turbo Jam, I looked online and I thought it might be a little more workout than I needed, because it was pretty expensive and you got like a million dvd's, meal plans, etc.  I mean, it's As Seen on TV, so they are selling a lot.  So I bought two DVDs from and I love them.  On one is the "cardio party", which is the Turbo Jam that I did the other day, there's also a training workout and an abs workout.  On the other dvd is the Turbo Sculpt, which is about 45 minutes long and it is a total body workout, mostly with weights.  It's excellent, Chalene Johnson is the trainer and she has some of her regulars behind her.  It has good music and the timer that times the section that you are doing, as well as the entire workout.  I like it a lot and recommend it.  Chalene recommends that you do the Turbo Sculpt WITH some cardio but I never have time to do two workouts in one day anymore.  I remember I used to go to like a 6:00 class at my gym and then I would just STAY for the 7:00 since I already had my spot.  It seems like a totally different person had the time to do that, but it was me.

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