Sunday, November 7, 2010

10 Minute Buns and Thighs

I really don't like the word "buns".  Or "booty".  There really is no good choice, right?  I think the best, honestly, would be "ass".  Like "work that ass!".  Or "move your ass!".  Alas, this is Exercise TV and they mostly say "buns" although sometimes they say "booty".  Whatever.

This is an excellent 10 minute workout.  I've started the 10 minute workouts and I would like to do three at a time, but I am running out of time already this morning so I'm hoping I can get two more in today.  This was a nice intro, though.  The trainer is Cindy Whitmarsh, who is listed as a "Top Trainer" at Exercise TV.  She's perfect, she doesn't say much, she's encouraging but not crazy mean (Jillian) and she's not too goofy (Leslie).  She just is there to do the exercises, thankyouverymuch, which is FINE BY ME.

You do a one minute warmup and then nine minutes of squats, and leg lifts and hip raises and it's hard and satisfying.  I am still kind of zinging and I finished it several minutes ago.  Wouldn't it be smart to do this workout before all my walking workouts?  Wouldn't it be nice if I were that smart?

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